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SQL Server

If you're company doesn't have an in-house DBA or needs help on a special project, we're the company for you.

We can help with:

  • Database Upgrades and Installations
  • Disaster Recovery, both before and after the fact
  • Finding Performance bottlenecks
  • Replication
  • And other aspects of running your SQL Server installation

Are your database log backups filling up and you don't know what to do? We can help. This is a very common problem with SQL Server,and I've helped many folks fix this problem. And often it's a sign of a more serious disaster recovery issue that is lurking. And it's simple to fix.

Where are your backups? Are you even making backups? Have you tried a restore? Do you have a written plan in place on how to do a restore?

Has your SQL Server just crashed and you don't know what to do? Call us, we can help!

Are you running an older version of SQL Server and want help getting to the latest version?

Do your customers require SQL Server installed before you go on site?

With over 15 years of experience working with SQL Server, GMS can help answer those questions and more. I have installed and maintained SQL Server in businesses that need a single SQL Server to fully replicated systems with log-shipping.

Our focus is on the administration side of SQL Server. While we can certainly help you with programming issues, our focus is on the items listed above.

On behalf of clients I have installed SQL Server at USDA locations, pharmaceutical companies and certain large energy companies based in Houston Texas. I have also managed large (multi-hundred gigabyte) systems in 24/7 environments.