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About GMS

I founded Green Mountain Software back in 1990 after graduating from college.. Back then I focused on doing outsourced IT for small to medium sized businesses. One was a software company, another was a smokehouse, yet another was a small 4 person operation that focused on pneumatic controls. However, from time to time my work would bring me to the offices of the USDA in Gulfport MS, and Chicago IL and efforts for large multinationals.

Even then, in the early days of the web, I was at the forefront of getting my customers web-enabled and web-savvy. For one client, over the objections of their corporate office, I enabled the local software division of an international company to develop a web presence. Six months later, the corporate headquarters asked me to come to their offices to give them advice on their corporate web presence.

In 1996, I plunged full-time into the on-line world and started as the Director of IT at PowerAdz. While there, among my accomplishments, I worked with developers to scale our ad-serving platform over 150% while saving over $40,000. I worked with them through several mergers and acquisitions, including a stint as the Operations Manager, for the East Greenbush office of TownNews, the largest newspaper SaaP in the country. After that, I moved to Traffiq where my final title was VP of Production Operations and IS. While at Traffiq I helped hire and staff their Northen Virginia office while maintaining their Web and SQL platforms.

After leaving Traffiq in 2011, I've performed consulting and contracting work for several large multi-nationals under non-disclosure agreements. In one case, a short-term 18 month contract was extended based on the quality of my work to include other projects to assist in the moving of one of their assembly plants. While there I managed to integrate their engineering development platform with the main corporate Oracle database.

I have also published a book on disaster response and written multiple articles for Redgate Software's Simple-Talk Community Hub with a focus on PowerShell.

I am also a speaker who has spoken at over a dozen SQL Saturday and User Group events as well as the PASS 2020 Virtual Summit.

When I'm not working or spending time with my family, I can be found caving or teaching cave rescue or hiking or bicycling.

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