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About GMS

Green Mountain Software was founded in 1990 by me, Greg Moore. Back then I focused on doing outsourced IT for small to medium sized businesses. One was a software company, another was a smokehouse, yet another was a small 4 person operation that focused on pneumatic controls.

Even then, in the early days of the web, I was at the forefront of getting my customers web-enabled and web-savvy. Over the objections of their corporate office, I enabled the local software division of an international company to develop a web presence. Six months later, the corporate headquarters asked me to come to their offices to give them advice on their corporate web presence.

In 1996, I plunged into the on-line world and started as the Director of IT at PowerAdz. I worked with them through several mergers and acquisitions before moving on to Traffiq where I left as VP of Production Operations and IS.

My functions included everything from replacing hard drives to monitoring and maintaining diverse and complex SQL Server setups to coordinating datacenter moves. I have managed teams anywhere from a size of 1 person to over a dozen.

Now I want to leverage my experience for you. Are you looking for someone to help advise your startup on the best way to build out your technology? Do you need advice on Disaster Recovery? Are your IT practices up to snuff?

About Greg Moore

Prior to getting back into consulting full-time, I was VP of Production Operations and IS at Traffiq.
While there I was responsible for maintaining and upgrading their production environment and internal IS platforms. During this time I also helped organize several office moves and also cut costs of our datacenter operations by close to 20%. I started in 2007 as a director and within a year was promoted to the VP position based on the recommendation of the outgoing CTO.

Before that I spent 6 months as the Operations Manager, for the East Greenbush office of Townnews, the largest newspaper ASP in the country.

Prior to my promotion to that position, I was the lead systems engineer and the DBA for the SQL Server environment in the company. Townnews acquired the assets of PowerOne Media in February of 2006. I had been with PowerOne Media through several mergers and acquisitions since December of 1998 as their Director of IT and SQL Server DBA. While there, among my accomplishments, I worked with developers to scale our ad-serving platform over 150%.

During this entire time I maintained GMS on the side, knowing that someday I'd want to go back to consulting. And here I am today.

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